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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips

14 Tips to Lose Weight Before Summer

Summer brings the opportunity spend more time outdoors, shed winter sweaters, and swim. While you can lose weight at any time of the year, the desire to get in shape for summer is a great motivator. Here are 14 tips to help you lose weight before the summer season arrives. ...(more)

How to Help Your Kids Lose Weight

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that there are twice as many obese children and three times as many obese teenagers when compared to 30 years ago. If your child needs to lose weight, there are several positive steps you can take that will help your kids lose weight. ...(more)

Best Practices for Dieting and Weight Loss

You can apply the business term best practices to dieting and weight loss and develop a set of best practices that will help you achieve weight loss success. Additionally, as you lose weight using effective methods, you will be able to apply those methods to your future weight maintenance efforts. ...(more)

How to Transition Into Weight Maintenance

Weight maintenance should be no more difficult than weight loss provided you have made lasting changes and developed good habits during your weight loss experience. Use these nine tips to help you make a seamless transition to weight maintenance. ...(more)

Body Fat Percentage

Examining A Curvy Woman: Why Weight Loss Shouldn't Be All About Body Fat Percentage

Many women are socialized into believing that in order to appear desirable and healthy, they have to be thin. This stereotype could not be farther from the truth. Many conventionally thin people are very unhealthy and many people that have larger body types are perfectly healthy. Do not dwell on the shape of your body when trying to lose weight; instead focus on your overall health. A number on a scale does not carry as large of a significance as society tries to pretend that it does....(more)

5 Weight Loss Tips for Short and Stocky Body Types

Not everyone has the same body type. Therefore, it makes sense that weight loss programs should differ for each body type. Short and stocky types can be especially problematic, as they tend to hang onto fat, and often have the type of fat that is slow to burn off. If you have this body type, here are five tips to help you lose weight....(more)

4 Tips for Reaching Your Ideal Goal Weight

For reasons of health and increased confidence, reaching your ideal goal weight is an essential endeavor. It also happens to be one of the more difficult things to jump-start given the constant commitment and discipline. However, there are a few things to ensure you stay on the right track - as well as a few things to avoid to make sure the weight stays off for good....(more)


Can You Drink Alcohol While Losing Weight?

A 2012 survey by the Gallup organization found that 66 percent of people consume alcohol on occasion. A similar number of people are either overweight or obese, meaning that it is likely that some people who drink alcohol are also overweight. Learn whether you can drink and still lose weight....(more)

7 Common Cooking Mistakes When Losing Weight

Your kitchen is a terrific place to start your weight loss effort on the right foot. However, there are some common cooking mistakes you should avoid when you are trying to lose weight. Fix these mistakes and you can point yourself on a healthy path to weight loss and healthy living. ...(more)

Breakfast Foods at Arby's: The Good and the Bad for Dieters

Arby's originally had a single restaurant in Boardman, Ohio. The chain quickly expanded and today has locations in every state except Vermont and Rhode Island. If you are trying to lose weight and need to stop somewhere for a quick breakfast, you may wonder if there are healthy options at Arby's. ...(more)

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Diane Lynn Carbonell is the author of the book, "150 Pounds Gone Forever," which details her journey into and out of morbid obesity. Diane has appeared on both the Dr. Oz television show and the 700 Club. She has been featured in "Woman's World" magazine, "Shape" magazine, in newspapers, and... Read More

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